5 Ways to Use Pinterest for Professional Development

It seems everyone’s talking about Pinterest these days. Every Twitter Chat I join, and every day in my Twitter feed, there’s a lot of, well, Pinterest.

Pinterest allows users to "pin" photos and rearrange them, The real power for professional development lies in those photos linking to learning resources.

Pinterest provides a personal space (which interestingly can be shared) to post and rearrange photos. You can caption them, and others can view and comment. Similar to Facebook, people can “like” individual pins or boards. As with Twitter, people can follow or be followed, although a follower can choose to follow to a single board or all of a “pinner’s” boards. In this way, the pinner can combine personal (tasteful) with professional pins by creating multiple boards.

I use Twitter for professional development, so when starting my own “Pin Board,” the first one I created was for the same purpose (my fledgling Social Learning board is found here). Unlike with Twitter, I didn’t have a wide variety of resources and books to guide me, so I’ve been figuring stuff out by trial and error.

So without apology or pretense of expertise, this summarizes what I’m doing and planning to do with Pinterest (other than host and post personal photos).

  • Pin blog articles or other Web pages that I learned something from. On my Social Learning board, I pin those items relevant to my professional development. How do I find them? My Twitter feed! Click a link there and, if it’s something I want to refer back to later, click the Pin It button…
  • Use the Pin It button. It’s there under the About tab, except on my iOS devices (a better solution is in the works). Add it to the bookmarks bar of your browser. Now what could be easier? Ahhh, this assumes the post has an image to choose from, since the Pinterest model is image-based. Pinterest has even solved this, offering a Pinterest Logo for those pages with image deficit disorder. If there are several images, you can choose the one you like.
  • Revisit my board. That’s right, the board I’ve been pinning these articles to is now my personal learning portal. Each and every item pinned is a link back to that original article I learned from.
  • Find other similar boards. Just type in your search term and go. Choose to follow the pinner or just the boards you’re interested in.
  • Pin with colleagues around the world. I’m intrigued by (but not currently using) the shared pinning option! It looks easy to add contributors to my board who can also pin. I imagine collaborating with a few of you from around the world. Anyone interested, Tweet me @tomspiglanin.

How else can Pinterest be used for professional development? Tell me what you’re doing @tomspiglanin!

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